Website Design Trends To Know About

Website Design Trends To Know About

Web designing has entered a whole new level and has undergone sea changes since its inception. With changing eCommerce needs and more advanced technologies being incorporated, we have come a long way in terms of designing more dynamic websites and focusing primarily on visitor engagement.

You are in the middle of tough market competition, and you really need to stand out in the crowd. To make sure you are offering the best user experience, you must keep updated with the latest web designing trends and try implementing them. Have a look at some of them.

1. Full-page Headers

Headers are one of the main points of attractions in 2020 that hold the visitors’ interest. Web designers experiment with a number of variations for headers based on the theme of the website or the brand personality. They receive the most attention and actually have the potential to drive the audience towards one’s products and services. You can set up call-to-action buttons or eye-catching graphics or slideshows. Headers can also tell a reader what to do and guide them towards performing the desired action.

2. Custom Illustrations

Meaningful illustrations have the potential to turn your website into life. It makes the audience feel engaged with your portal because you are letting him/her perform an enjoyable activity like having a 3D effect upon the movement of the cursor. For example, the site Alice Lee, a graphic designer, has incorporated a custom and dynamic illustration that keeps moving as one hovers the cursor over it. You can do it to tell a story or simply to showcase your products or services.

Animated illustrations also give a 3D effect to your eCommerce portal, enhancing customer experience. You can also go for hand-drawn illustrations to convey a unique message or to make your site fun and enthusiastic for the visitors.

3. Dynamic Scrolling

This is another web design trend that has shown a huge reduction in bounce rates. You can set various scrolling speeds and incorporate vivid animations to add 3D effects to the foregrounds and backgrounds of the site. Further, embedding a background video can make dynamic scrolling more lively. A very good example of dynamic scrolling is that of Apple. Just visit any of their smartphones and you will see a classic example of dynamic scrolling that provides a lively 3D effect.

You might also incorporate playful cursors that change as the user hovers over a particular button, card, item or link. This enhances one’s navigating experience and makes browsing more fun. You can either make the cursors change colour and shape, or code smart animations into them. This enhances the audience engagement and thus, their retention rates.

4. Grid Design

Grids have always had a special place amongst customers as far as web designs are concerned. They look more professional and bold, thus reflecting the brand confidence. With asymmetrical layouts being the new trend, they look absolutely exciting and fresh, immediately catching one’s interest. For instance, Jingqi Fan’s portfolio showcases his projects using a minimalist style through a catchy asymmetrical design.

5. Focus on UX/UI

Last but not the least, you must try this one to really retain your visitors. In the end, nobody likes to visit a slow and interrupting site, no matter how attractive it might be! This also means that your website must be mobile-friendly, since there are around 3.5 billion smartphone users across the globe (Oberlo).

In other words, your online marketplace should be smooth, engaging, uninterrupted, and informative. To achieve this, you must optimise your site to improve its page loading speeds, multimedia viewing, and make sure it has relevant SEO content. Also, keep your site as clutter-free as possible.


To conclude, you must keep up with the trends and ensure a smooth and exciting navigating experience for your users. Also, your portal must add value to the overall buying experience of your consumers, no matter what device or platform they are viewing your site from. The most effective trick would be to design a mobile-first portal that works great on a smartphone or tablet before any other devices. Because as per Sweor statistics, 57% of the netizens don’t recommend a brand that has a poorly-designed mobile website!

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