Top Visual Design Principles For Web Designers

Top Visual Design Principles For Web Designers

A website design that is effective enough must fulfil all the intended functions. In addition, it must be conveyed to the visitor when they visit the site. Several factors contribute to a good website design, namely – colour, consistency, imagery, typography, simplicity, and functionality, among many others.

At the time of designing a website, several factors determine how it would be perceived. A well-designed website can help to build trust and appropriately guide visitors to take an action. It can also allow having a great UX (User Experience). These factors are also responsible for determining the usability and functionality of the site.

Discussed below are the top visual design principles that web developers can take note of:

Purpose Of The Website

The website must accommodate all the requirements of the user. If the intention is clearly defined on all the pages, it will help users understand precisely what is being offered. Therefore, the purpose must be clear, like whether it is a site for practical information, a guide to something, or an entertainment site. There can be other purposes as well, like letting visitors know about expertise, reputation building, generation of leads, marketing, sales, or aftercare.


Simplicity is the second principle that is considered while deciding the usability of the site and user experience. The most crucial aspect of simplicity is color since it can communicate a message and produce an emotional response. Figuring out the right color palette will help to influence customer response to the brand. It is best to limit the color selection to not more than five.

Then there is typography that has an important role to play. It can command attention and act as a visual interpreter. It should be legible enough and should not exceed more than three different fonts. The imagery must be expressive enough and convey the personality of the site. Finally, the navigation of the site must be easy enough so that visitors can easily find what they are looking for. It is the key factor for retaining visitors. If navigation is confusing, visitors will leave within no time.

F-Shaped Reading Pattern

It is the most common way to scan text on a site by visitors. Research reveals that most visitors view the top and the left portion of the screen. Therefore, the F layout resembles the left to right and the top to bottom pattern, which is also the natural reading pattern.

Visual Hierarchy

It relates to the arrangement of elements as per the order of importance. One of the most important functions is to determine the focal point. It points out to visitors where the most crucial information is.


Content is also a part of web design. If the content is good enough, it can influence visitors to get converted into customers.

Mobile Friendly

Most people use mobile phones even for accessing web pages. Therefore, you must develop a responsive site. That way, the site can easily adjust with various screen sizes.

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