How to choose the right color scheme for your website?

How to choose the right color scheme for your website?

You have designed a dynamic and attractive layout for your eCommerce website and have even made your portal mobile-friendly. You have also written your website content and have left no stone unturned to enhance the experience of your customers. Now, it’s time to decide the colors of your site and match them with your brand personality. Your choice of colors for your website makes up for a major portion of your visitor numbers and the engagement rates.

But how will you know whether you are on the right track? To help you select the right color scheme for your online marketplace, we have come up with some useful tips. Check them out below.

Learn the Basics of Color Psychology

Every color carries a particular meaning and ignites certain emotions or feelings in one’s mind. Knowing the fundamentals of color associations is essential to determine whether your visitors are going to like the overall look of your site.

The most common business colors include –

  • Blue – meaning confidence, integrity, and sincerity
  • Black – representing power, sophistication, boldness, and often mystery
  • Red – meaning love, energy, and passion
  • Yellow – symbolizing friendliness, warmth, and intellect
  • Orange – referring to innovation, thinking, creativity, and ideas
  • Green – the color of life, growth, freshness, fertility, nature, and money
  • Purple – means royalty, wisdom, dignity, and luxury
  • White – the color of purity, simplicity, goodness, cleanliness, and hope
  • Grey – represents authority, stability, security, and maturity

In short, make sure your colors reflect your brand personality and ideologies.

Focus on Color Theory

In simple words, color theory refers to the science of how colors work. To get deeper into it, you must first learn about the primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. Further, there are a set of warm and cool colors, which you must learn to use the right combination. For example, warm colors like red, yellow, and orange produce a sense of happiness, passion, energy, and enthusiasm. Cool colors like blue, green, and violet are meant to create a calming or soothing effect on one’s mind.

The idea of your site is to make it attractive and ensure that certain elements or buttons stand out. Try experimenting with different color combinations and also work on contrasting them. You can also consult the color wheel and do a bit of research on the analogous, complementary, and triadic colors. If necessary, you can also use tools like Colorspire to facilitate the color selection process.

Let Your Brand Personality Show Through

As already mentioned, your colors must also represent your brand and of course, your logo. Never go for a color palette that might have a negative impact on the overall meaning and value of your brand image. When confused, you can always stick to neutrals; they go with almost any mood.

Keep It Simple

Simplicity is next to professionalism and you must not make things complicated for the visitors by bombing in multiple colors. Too many shades might make your site look pathetic and too disturbing for the eye. However, if you feel that your site turned out to be visually appealing, go ahead.

Consider Your Demographics

Who is your target audience? Whom are you trying to sell your products and services to? What is their age group and what are their general interests? Is there a specific gender you are targeting? What kinds of emotions are you trying to arouse amongst your target group?

Figure the answers to these questions first. Also, don’t forget to consider the personality traits of your target audience and apply the theory of color psychology while deciding your website color palette.


The right hues determine whether your audience is going to stay or leave right away. In other words, the color palette you select for your web pages should be soothing to the human eye and should add value to your business or brand as a whole. So, choose it right!

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