Top Best Wireframe Tools For Website Designers 2021

Top Best Wireframe Tools For Website Designers 2021

In this post, you will discover the best wireframe tools that have been designed to help you craft your imagination in a better way right from the start of the design process. The various wireframe tools offer the exact options to designers, thereby allowing them to craft their ideas and have the primary building blocks to refine and access the design on an overall basis. However, there are excellent wireframe tools available in the market that can be of considerable help to designers. Discussed below are the top wireframe tools for 2021:


It is a combination of powerful cloud-based design software. It allows users to design the first three projects for free. Thereafter, users will have to pick either of the paid plans. The use of this application is pretty straightforward and as simple as it can be. It does not have its own in-built user inter-phase component; however, it can upload pre-designed or own kit.

Figma has made it remarkably easy to develop artboards, provide text and shape, and go for prototyping to a certain degree. Moreover, all the designs can be handled through a single panel, shifting quickly between layers and pages.

The in-built Figma constraints relate to how each element would respond on various screen sizes. As a result, it becomes easy to optimize the user experience, especially at the user end. This application allows multiple users to access a design and edit it or comment on it in terms of collaborating functions. Once the mock-up is done, the CSS code can be accessed, and individual elements could be exported.

Adobe XD

It is a vector-based design tool that has been specifically designed to work alongside other adobe products. As a result, it is among the currently best paid tools in the market and has made the wireframe process easy and streamlined for designers.

The tools are simple to use, and it extends designers the ability to make rapid designs possible. The rigid grid option and the collaborative set of working tools make Adobe XD a wonderful application.


When it was first introduced in 2010, it completely revolutionized what could be achieved using a wire-framing tool. Although the application does not work on Windows, its intuitive but simple interface allows vector designs and user interphases that Mac designers most prefer.

Just like Figma, Sketch also has its own in-built user-interphase library. However, because of its popularity, huge chunks of third party user-interphase kits are available that are easily uploadable. The stand-out aspect of this wire-frame tool is the symbol function. It allows creating elements that can automatically repeat across the entirety of the layout.

A one-shot fee follows a free trial version for the whole application. That spares users from paying ongoing subscription costs.

Mock Plus

It allows creating wire-frame designs that resemble fully functional prototypes. It is available in both the Mac and Android version. It allows the flexibility of a simple drag and drop function to create wire-frames.

If you want to know more about any of the other wireframe tools, explore to find out. If that doesn’t help, drop us a note, and we will revert.