Five Essential UI Design Tips

Five Essential UI Design Tips

User Experience is the crux of any web design. Hence, it is obvious that UX is crucial in UI design. Still, there are UX designers who have doubts and misconceptions. Not to worry, given below are five essential UX design tips that can be of considerable help for designers:

Do Not Re-Invent The Wheel

User Experience is all about engagement. Hence, it happens to be among the essential elements in the app development process. Unfortunately, however, UX developers often fall prey to reinventing the wheel or get engaged in fixing that is not broken at all.

This is why mobile and websites are structured in a particular way since users are habituated to a few things in a particular way. Most prefer the conventional method of presentation and are not so proactive regarding something different or new.

Therefore, the best approach is to go with tested and tried systems with just minor tweaks for accommodating the essential goals.

Keep Things Simple And Go For Responsive Design

Another major drawback associated with the UX design process is when things get too complicated. It must be kept in mind that too much of anything is a big turn-off. Because of that, the design does not work.

Whenever a user comes across a jam-packed page, it becomes a distraction rather than anything useful. Ultimately, users bounce off, and that’s the last thing you would want.

Therefore, the best way is to keep things as much user-friendly as possible. The focus, at all times, must be on what users expect most on the website.

Understanding The Demands And Needs Of The Target Audience

Although it may sound unfamiliar, it is impossible for any UX designer to correctly figure out the UX design unless the needs and requirements of the target audience are clear. Therefore, it would help a lot if feedback from users is gathered. Prepare a list of the most frequent users of the product or service. Observe how they handle similar products or services; if possible, face to face or at least remotely.

If you can answer these queries, these can be considered a solid foundation for developing a good enough UX design concept.

Different Elements Must Be Visually Distinct

A visually distinct page layout is among the most important objectives of a UX design. It is a good method to maintain a smooth user experience and a stable user journey.

Ensure that the most valuable information stands clear of the other elements on a particular page. Therefore, you need to come up with headlines followed by subtitles and sub-headings. Navigation tools must be at hand, and the actions buttons need to be clear and distinct.

User Flow Consistency Throughout The Journey

One of the most crucial aspects of user experience design is the consistent user journey. The flow is smooth when a user goes from one section of the web or mobile app to another seamlessly. Therefore, the design must be per what a user would do step-wise.

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