Benefits of the one page website for business

Benefits of the one page website for business

One page websites are getting popular and are fascinating thousands of businesses. But what is a reason behind it? If you are confused and want to know the reason for increasing one-page site trend, then read the word “Single-Page” again!

It’s a name, and it’s told it all! Rather than a clustered website, it’s a single page site without additional information and confusion.

The best thing about the one-page website is its unique navigation option which links to particular sections on the similar page. Just click to any link, and it will bring to a specific section. People don’t have enough time to open and go through the whole website barraged with unnecessary content. Simplicity always pays and get users attention. This is an overall view, let’s discuss the benefits of a one-page site for business.

1. Say a Goodbye To Loading…

A single second in website loading results in 7% of loss in conversion, and almost 40% of people don’t wait for a site to open if it takes longer than 3 seconds, stated by Hosting Facts.

It’s obvious no one have enough time to wait for loading. If you want to attract potential customers and keep them, the one-page site will work like a cup of cake.

It helps in faster loading, everything in front of eyes, and only relevant content. Users will see what they are looking for.

2. Quality over Quantity:

Single page website stops you to jumble up things. As the name already told, you need to simplify things for easy reach. Aren’t your visitors looking for convenience? For instance, who have enough time to read a thousand pages book when he has a person to read a lengthy novel?

What your user needs is to know who you are, your services and how you do. So a single page site should distillate on it. It should design in a way it precisely describes what sets you apart and what your business is all about.

3. More Scrolling in Initiative:

According to a research conducted: “Almost all visitors like to stay and scroll on those sites which offer everything on same page in comparison to multiple pages site”. If they want something, they need in front of them what they are looking for”. One page site offers more scrolling to visitors which excite them and forced to do more. They scroll down, find something useful and continue to down more. That’s how a single page site increases curiosity and interest of users. More scrolling opportunity keep them stay longer and give them time to take action.

4. Much Cheaper!

It saves web space and bandwidth which ultimately reduce hosting costs. A single page site cost you less than compared to larger sites which include designing cost, hosting price, and more content to be updated.

5. Differentiate You!

When we design multiple pages sites, then no client wants to take a risk in terms of designing and customization. A single mistake can reduce conversion rate. As we all use standard design structure for larger sites, so no surprise they all look alike. However, this is not with a single page site. These websites don’t force to follow the standard design and provide us the chance to think out of a box.

So, it depends on your business nature and requirements. If you think your business needs a specific website to display what it has for all, a single page site would be a great option.