Native Mobile App

We're transforming the WordPress website to a compatible Android and iOS smart phone device. It supports both models of Android & iOS.

WordPress Native Mobile Apps Packages

Are you searching for a way to transform your WordPress site into a web application? Are you searching for the most professional digital agency to make the App look like a WordPress theme? We have a designated mobile WordPress theme, which can be configured with your Apps.

  • Android

  • RM3200ONE TIME

    • Get an APK file of your WordPress Site.
    • (ADD-ON)
      Android Submission – RM600

  • IOS

  • RM3200One Time

    • Get an iOS IPA file of your WordPress Site
    • (ADD-ON)
      iOS Submission – RM600

  • Android & IOS

  • RM6000One Time

    • Get the Android APK &
      iOS IPA file of your WordPress Site.
    • (ADD-ON)
      Android & iOS Submission – RM900

Convert WordPress Website to Mobile Apps

WordPress to app is a tool that transforms your website into a native smartphone device that operates for iOS & Android that can be shipped to your mailbox in less than a day. We’re not running advertisements on the account. And most significant of all, it supports Twitter and Google accounts. Each adjustment you create to the platform immediately reflects on the device. You will contact it via email in case you need anything.

Android and iOS

We're building an update for your WordPress website. Android and iOS apps can be made. We'll offer your request in less than 72 hours.

Push notifications

You will be willing to provide useful information to your customers. You're going to have limitless apps and push notifications.

Pull to Refresh

You'll be able to reload your software any time you pull the button down with a pointing system finger, and then unlock it.

Downloads and Uploads

We include the right to download and upload to the web.

Automatic Updates

Changes made to your WordPress platform will be shown immediately in your Native IOS / Android app.

Supports all database

The App should be capable of reading and comprehending every database including Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle 12c, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, MySql, SAP HANA, DB2, and MariaDB.